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Progressions: Climbing ladders

Our approach at Battery Park City Tennis is to celebrate progress, like climbing steps up a ladder.

As 10 & under coaches, we design class experiences using fun "progressions". Each step of the progression of a class is like climbing a ladder. The farther we progress through the steps, the more confidence and enjoyment we get.

Each of our lessons follows this progression structure:

  • Step 1: Demonstrate the stroke.

  • Step 2: Shadow the stroke.

  • Step 3: Make contact with a dropped ball using the stroke.

  • Step 4: Make contact with a fed ball using the stroke.

  • Step 5: Practice the stroke in a fun drill.

  • Step 6: Practice the stroke in practice play.

  • Step 7: Practice the stroke in match play.

We make each step fun and enjoyable, and tailored to the students' experience with tennis.

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