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Why is USPTA Certification important?

USPTA is the global leader in tennis-teacher certification and professional development and is the first USTA accredited association under the USTA Accreditation Program. The purpose of USPTA is to elevate the standards of tennis-teaching professionals and coaches.

If you are looking for a tennis coach, there are several reasons why you should check if your coach is a USPTA-certified tennis professional:

  1. Safe Play training and accreditation, which is USTA's comprehensive athlete safety program consisting of education, screening, reporting tools and policies for appropriate conduct in tennis.

  2. Rigorous application and training program, including written exam and on-court assessments for private lesson, group lesson and stroke production.

  3. Continuous education program with requirement to complete 12 hours of continuing education over a three year period.

  4. Insurance coverage for potentially devastating losses with on-court liability/bodily insurance and property damage.

Use the USPTA Fina a Pro search tool to identify a USPTA-certified coach for you and your family.

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